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Water Heater Repair


Generally, most water heater problems will become self-evident. If you go to the bathroom and turn on your hot water faucet and it does not produce hot water, it could be because there is a problem with your water heater. When you see a dripping or puddling near your water heater, this could be because your water heater has a problem. Anytime your water heater makes unfamiliar pinging or gurgling sounds, chances are you need a water heater repair. But to be certain, give us a call at Your Plumber Sandy professional plumbing service to get your appliance checked and repaired.


Common Causes of leakage in Water Heaters


Most times, your water heater will function properly and add to the marvelous convenience and comfort in your daily life. However, there are times when you will wake up in the morning in chilly conditions and your appliance will not let you have a hot shower. The reasons may be due to the heater leaking. Here are some causes of water heater leaking that you need to consider looking into.


Loose Drain valve


It is not uncommon that your appliance will experience water heater leaking due to a loose drain valve. Your water heater will always experience gradual leaking when the drain valve is loose. The leakage can be easily stopped if the drain valve is tightened up, although caution should be taken not to tighten it too much.


Buildup of Pressure


When there is too much buildup of pressure on the inside, your heater will begin to leak. This happens because excess pressure compels the water to leak out of the tank in order to lessen the pressure. Most times, this happens due to the fact that temperature on the hot water heater is set too high. Also, when the outside water supply to the house flows under high pressure, there might be excess water pressure. Anytime the temperature pressure relief valve is faulty, excess buildup of pressure in a hot water heater.


A Tank That’s Old

Hot water heaters are appliances that are designed to work for a very long time. Most will function between 15 to 20 years. Once their lifespan nears the end, they will start experiencing rusting and corrosion. This can lead to the water heater leaking and most times, a leaking heater can be subjected to a water heater repair if it’s not too old; however, an older one probably needs replacement. If the tank is not replaced, ultimately, its tank will fail completely which can cause heavy flooding in your home. At Your Plumber Sandy professional plumbing service, we repair and install water heaters and can advise you on which one is best fitting for your home.




There are times when you might assume that your water heater is leaking but in actuality condensation is a normal thing with hot water heaters. The moment cold water is introduced into the tank condensation will occur if the air on the exterior is hot. This should never worry you because you can easily wipe down the hot water because the condensation will not cause a major issue. If your water heater is not heating up the water sufficiently, it could be due to it requires servicing or repair. Call Your Plumber Sandy professional plumbing service so we can help service and repair all of your water heating needs.


Choosing to Repair or Replace Your Appliance


The moment you have to take an icy cold shower or clean a puddle in your basement, you will begin to think about repairing or replacing your water heater. If you have a conventional water heater that is aged around 20 years or so, chances are, you need to replace the appliance. If it’s a newer model then you need to think about getting it repaired. Here are some reasons why you may need a water heater repair:

● When the pilot light on the gas water heater flickers out.

● When the circuit breaker for the electrical heat pump trips.

● When the burner or the heating element fails.

● When the thermostat breaks.

● When the valve sticks.

It is not too difficult to get the above parts repaired or replaced. They are all fairly simple tasks that a water heater repair can fix. It will not cost you much to get the above parts repaired or replaced. For a tank that is older, or about 10 years old and is leaking, it would be advisable to consider getting the appliance in your home replaced. All you need to do is call Your Plumber Sandy professional plumbing service and they will service, repair and meet all of your water heater needs.


Maintaining Your Water Heater


Whether you need a water heater repair or you need to get the appliance replaced, you should always flush the tank at least once a year to get rid of sediment. When all the sludge inside has been removed, the water heater will function more efficiently and this will encourage lower energy costs and savings in the utility bill. You should also always check the anode rod after every two years. This rod collects corrosive elements and you must get it replaced when it has been eaten away or when it becomes enveloped or caked. A new one will not cost you an arm and a leg and doing this will save your water heater in proper working. When you maintain your heater properly, you will only need minor water heater repair tasks. Water heater replacement will depend on the age of your appliance, its present condition, and of course your own budget. The truth, however, is that when a water heater is properly taken care of, its lifespan will be enhanced. Making the choice between repairing and replacing your water heater is always a large decision that must be made after looking at the facts and details of your home. When you need help with getting your water heater to function again, you need to call Your Plumber Sandy professional plumbing service in order to get your installation and repair needs met.