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A clogged drain is a major inconvenience whether it be in your bathroom or your kitchen. Not many home repairs can be as bothersome as this one and regardless of what you are doing, you will have to stop to ensure that everything has been fixed. If not fixed in a timely manner, the clogging can flood your floor and cause plenty of damage. Most times, clogging might happen gradually over time and you might not be very noticeable. It’s not until the water starts to drain out of the tub or sink much slower with each use until you notice.

Reasons for Clogging in the Drain

Generally, clogs become progressively worse when the plumbing fixture is used. However, there are instances when clogs develop suddenly. One moment, your sink could be working fine and the next moment, the sink might become clogged as you use it. There are a number of reasons why a drain will become clogged. The most common reasons are of course the introduction of foreign objects into the drainage system.

These objects are usually never intended to go down the drain but they will result in a clogged drain over a period of time. If debris accumulates inside a drain system, they will cause the drain to clog. Your Plumber Sandy is a professional plumbing service that can help you get your drain unclogged with using expert methods and highly trained personnel.

Can Clogging Be Prevented?

It is possible to prevent clogging if you know why the clogging happens in the first place. If you want to avoid a clogged drain, you need to be very keen to ensure that the wrong objects do not go down your drain. If you have kids in the house, it can be helpful to teach them to avoid throwing items that are not suitable into the drainage system and why. Taking the right steps can help lessen the chances that your drainage will clog.

However, there are instances when despite all your good intentions, you might end up with a clogged tub or sink due to the clogging that is already in your drain. When clogs happen, you should call Your Plumber Sandy for professional assistance in getting the drainage system cleaned. Through the Your Plumber Sandy plumbing services, the clogging can be removed.

Clogging in Your Kitchen

The most obvious reason why your kitchen drain will become clogged is because of food debris. This will particularly happen if you have not invested in a garbage disposal unit in the drain that helps to dice up big pieces of food items and collects them. When grease builds up in the piping system within the kitchen, you will also experience clogging or your sink will drain very slowly. It is not easy to get rid of this type of clogging because most people tend to use traditional chemicals which might not break down food easily, especially if there is a buildup of grease in the system. You need the assistance of Your Plumber Sandy professional services to help you get the clogging removed perfectly. With the help of Your Plumber Sandy, your kitchen drain will get an un-clogged drain in no time leaving your kitchen clean so that your have no build up and bacteria.

Clogging in Your Bathroom

It is very common for clogging to happen in the bathroom sinks and showers. You can also easily get a clogged tub in the bathroom. This generally happens because objects that are not supposed to be thrown in these systems, find their way into these drains. When people throw or allow hair to get into the piping system in the bathroom, the result of this will lead to a clogged drain.

Other substances that can cause the drain to clog include dirt, toothpaste, and soap residue. If you have a toilet in the bathroom, it could also become clogged. This happens due to excess toilet paper is thrown into the drain system, or other objects that should not be flushed; such as particles, sanitary napkins, children’s toys, etc. Your Plumber Sandy is the best plumbing company to handle this type of clogging. We generally fix these types of clogging very meticulously, professionally, and as fast as we possibly can. Your Plumber Sandy ensures that the service is reasonably priced, unlike other plumbing services that will charge you highly but fail to deliver professional service.

Look For Indications of Clogging

It helps to look out for the signs that your drainage system is clogged. Here are some indicators that will help with recognizing when it is time to call Your Plumber Sandy before the situation becomes worse.
● When water starts backing up from the sink drain.
● A collection of water pools around your shower drain.
● Once the pools have been formed, water takes a period of time to drain out.
● When you flush your toilet, the water bubbles up and while threatening to spill out.
● Your drains have a gurgling sound, which mostly happens after your dishwasher or washing machine has been used.
● When you see a pool of water collecting near your bathtub or your sink.
● There is a repugnant smell that is emitted from the kitchen sink area, which is enabled by rotten food build up mixed with solidified grease.

Get a Regular Maintenance Plan

Regrettably, when you do not pay careful attention to your pipes, they might have years of buildup. This buildup can include rust, grease, hair and other crude minerals. Once the build up gains momentum, your pipes might be alarmingly corroded, which will lead to the damaging of your pipes. You can avoid this by calling Your Plumber Sandy to regularly maintain your plumbing system. Once you get in touch with Your Plumber Sandy plumbing experts, they will provide you with options for a regular maintenance plan.

A regular plumbing maintenance plan might appear to be expensive but in the long run, you end up with significant savings and time! Preventative care and maintenance of your plumbing system is vital. The best way to avoid unnecessary process of cleaning a clogged drain is to call the Your Plumber Sandy experts who will help you avoid critical repair and replacement while also keeping your system free from clogging.