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Sometimes it is only when we don’t have something that we really appreciate it. For example: Toilets. Most of us in Sandy visit the bathroom at least two to three times a day to sit upon the “throne.” It is currently the most efficient and least smelly way to get rid of our bodily waste. Sometimes, though, people want to use that same system to get rid of things besides body waste. More often than not this can lead to blockages in the plumbing and plumbers who just have to shake their heads at the strange things people flush down the toilets of both homes and businesses. Today we’ve brought you some examples of strange things that have been flushed. So if you’ve got a blocked, plugged, or clogged toilet - don’t feel down! You are hardly the first, and you won’t be the last. Not only that, but no matter what you’ve gotten stuck down your toilet, at least one of the things on this list is probably stranger, sadder, or more funny.


More often than you might think, people loose jewelry down the plumbing. Though we more often hear about rings lost down the sink, there is just as much precious jewelry flushed down to the depths. For example, in British Columbia a toddler flushed quite a lot of his mothers’ most expensive jewellry down the toilet. Flushed items included an engagement ring, a wedding ring, another diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, and a pendant. They looked thought out the pipes, had pipes under their house cut open and cleared. They even hired a man to clean out the septic tank to try and find the missing jewellry. Alas, they found nothing and gave up looking. Then, in a surprising turn around three years later the same man hired to clear the septic tank in the search was hired once again to clean out the septic tank. The family who lost the jewellry had sold the house to a new family, and they wanted the tank cleaned out once again. After the tank was emptied and the worker was cleaning it out, he found the missing pieces of jewellry which was then returned to the family.

A woman in lost a precious family heirloom ring from the 1920’s down a toilet in an Oregon park. The ring was from the 1920’s and could not be replaced. As soon as the local Utility office was open, the woman asked them to search the sewer for the precious item. The sewer workers looked hard, but eventually had to tell the poor woman that the ring could not be found. Feeling bad, the sewer workers went back to looking for the ring the next day, and looked for hours. Eventually they were able to find and return the ring, and the grateful Ms. Pat Hanson was noted as “wanting to tell the Pope that a miracle had happened.”

A Dental Dilemma

Strangely enough people seem to loose their dentures down toilets almost as often as jewellry. A woman in the UK had a very hard time during the holidays. Between Christmas and New Years Day someone in her household (whether it was her, her husband, or her grandchildren was unclear) knocked the top part of her dentures into the toilet. It was subsequently flushed. Her husband called a plumber, who advised them not to flush the toilet again.Unfortunately they did not tell the plumber they had a second toilet downstairs. When the plumber got there, he found out that the two toilets were connected to the same fallpipe (or the pipe everything goes through after flushing).  Still, the plumber gamely shouldered on and searched the toilet, the pan under the toilet, and the fall pipe by camera. After finding nothing, he tried flushing the toilet the dentures had been lost through, and found that it was slightly slower in flushing than normal. The plumber in question was able to dig the dentures out of where they had gotten stuck in the toilet itself, washed and returned the top teeth to the grateful woman. The woman placed the teeth in a glass of denture cleanser and went looking for other household cleaning products - presumably to decontaminate the teeth so she could use them again.

Furry Friends

The saddest of flushings we have yet come across happened in London back in 2009. A four year old little boy was trying to give his puppy a bath in the toilet, and flushed to get rid of the mud on the puppy. The family contacted firefighters and local animal welfare officers, but neither group was able to even find the puppy. Still hoping that the puppy could be found, the boys’ mother called a plumber. The plumber was able to locate the puppy, who had been lost for four hours, in a sewer pipe about 20 meters away from their home. Fortunately this tale too has a happy ending - the puppy was still alive and little worse for wear. He was returned to the family, and the little boy promised not to try washing his puppy in a toilet again.

Technological Flushdown

Many of know someone who has dropped a phone or music player down the toilet. Usually, however, even if the item isn’t flushed it cannot be saved due to how much water is in the toilet. Sometimes we get lucky and we can dry the phone out. Larry Michaels, a plumber at a Texas Airport fished a phone out a toilet that while it needed wiping did not need drying out. From the clogged toilet he pulled out a brand new Iphone 5S box, unopened and still in plastic. No one knows who the phone belonged to, or why they didn’t report losing a phone in it’s packaging, but the phone was dried off and left in lost and found so it could be reclaimed.

So, if you have a toilet that isn’t working don’t be embarrassed to contact Your Plumber Sandy to help unclog it or retrieve an item flushed away.