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A Brief History of the Toilet

Plumber Sandy Blog Though most people tend to use the toilet at least twice a day, it’s something most people don’t know the history of. To be fair, though, even the experts aren’t sure exactly which civilization came up with the original toilet. For now,...

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Odd Things Stuck in Toilets

Plumber Sandy Blog Sometimes it is only when we don’t have something that we really appreciate it. For example: Toilets. Most of us in Sandy visit the bathroom at least two to three times a day to sit upon the “throne.” It is currently the most efficient...

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Names for the Toilet and Where They Come From

Plumber Sandy Blog When Your Plumber Sandy was writing the history of the toilet, we came across several different names for the toilet, only some of which had to do with people who helped develop the toilet. This got us to thinking...what do the other...

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